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Buenaventura Art Association
Camerata Pacifica
Focus on the Masters
New West Symphony
Ojai Music Festival
Performances to Grow On
Rubicon Theatre Company
San Buenaventura Artists Union
Studio Channel Islands Art Center
Ventura County Museum of History & Art
Ventura Music Festival

Visual Arts
Performing Arts

Platinum Membership entitles you to:


Your Sampler Pack of tickets works this way. When you purchase a ticket to a performance from one of our six Charter Member performing arts organizations, you will receive a second ticket FREE. This is an exciting 2-for-1 deal that you can use to one performance from EACH of the following:

Camerata Pacifica $30 – $42
New West Symphony $25 – $60
Performances To Grow On $14 – $22
Ojai Music Festival $15 – $70
Rubicon Theatre Company $30 – $45
Ventura Music Festival $15 – $50
TOTAL VALUE $129 — $289

Think about it!

Two tickets for the price of ONE!
If you choose to use your Platinum discount for a performance of just one of the above world-class organizations, you still save up to $70 for your initial cost of $25. But if you and your companion use this opportunity to sample a performance of EACH of the above, you save up to $289!

VENTURA ARTS and our local artists want to encourage more of you to experience the remarkable talent displayed by these top-drawer performances. You probably already have experienced the life-enhancing enjoyment of the productions by one or more of these organizations. Here is your opportunity to discover the pleasure you will receive from those you have not experienced yet – and at a 2 for 1 discount!


Platinum members will also receive discounts with our fine Visual Arts Charter Member organizations as well. One-time-only percentage discounts and money- saving offers for EACH include:

Focus On The Masters 5% off of a 1-year membership
Studio Channel Islands Art Center 5% off of a 1-year membership
Buenaventura Art Gallery 10% off purchase of $100 or more
San Buenaventura Artists’ Union Gallery ?
Ventura County Museum of History & Art 2 guest passes and 10% discount in museum store

ALSO Platinum AND Gold Members…

will receive (if you wish) our regular newsletter, ARTS MATTERS, to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in our local arts scene. You will also be notified of SPECIAL OFFERS that become available from time-to-time from both VENTURA ARTS ONLINE Charter AND Associate Arts organizations.

FINALLY Platinum AND Gold Members…

will be able to participate in VENTURA ARTS ONLINE by posting your own reviews and entering the Chat Room and Discussion Boards, while you enjoy all the other benefits of our informative and fun website. Also, Parents and children will be able to participate in the special VENTURA KIDS section.